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AS 350 Helicopter fitted with gyro stabilised camera system at work over the Mediterranean

MPL Aerial Filming Services

M : + 44 (0) 7768 667361

Selection taken from the P  1 Powerboat Championships throughout Europe and North AfricaMPL is a specialist aerial film company supplying tailored solutions and equipment to meet your production requirements.

With a wealth of experience built up over many years, MPL has an enviable reputation in delivering a truly professional, creative and yet practical approach to aerial film production. Our credits range from features, dramas and commercials to all aspects of television including sports and live events.

Working with trusted partners in many countries, we have a worldwide reach operating in all environments and with all formats - from film to high definition - and providing specialist camera mounts to accommodate these systems.

MPL Aerial Filming Services is driven by a desire to bring your ideas to life in an innovative, cost effective and professional manner. We are well placed to fully appreciate the need for efficiency whilst understanding the complexities within the shooting schedule.


MPL specialises in aerial filming . . . . . .


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