Mike Parker Limited, Aerial Filming Services
Shooting Side Mount in the Saudi Arabian Wilderness


M : + 44 (0) 7768 667361

We specialise in supplying aerial camera platforms, Tyler side mounts, nose mounts and gyro stabilised camera systems including the Cineflex V14 high definition ball.

All mounts are certified and supplied with the appropiate approvals issued by the regulatory authourities where necessary. 

We can provide as much or as little help as required in order to complement your production:

  • Specialist Aerial Camera Mounts
  • Aerial Cameramen
  • Support Crew / Camera Technicians
  • Location Advice and Services
  • Helicopters
  • Film Pilots
  • Fire Cover
  • On - Site Refuelling

  • We also organise live broadcast facilities for host broadcasters. Working closely with other professionals in this field, we are able to offer advice, supply equipment and obtain the required licensing certificates.

    MPL provides as much help and support as necessary in order that you may fully understand the requirements of the aviation industry and the rules and regulations that apply in order to run a safe and efficient shoot.


    Jet Ranger fitted with nose mounted Cineflex HD Camera System.

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